Khawar & Son’s Hiring Non-Stop During Covid-19 Pandemic 

Keefe Borden | Sep, 30, 2020 | Houston, Tx 

Khawar & Sons hires through COVID-19 crisis

Khawar & Sons, a Houston-based private conglomerate that includes real estate, gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants, is growing, even through the COVID-19 pandemic that caused the loss of thousands of local jobs. The company has hired over a dozen new individuals since the crisis started, some who have been offered full time positions.  This pandemic has forced many local businesses to close temporarily or to operate from remote locations. Khawar & Son’s is doing its best to keep up with the changes as the company is growing rapidly. 


By providing excellent quality services and products in distinctive industries, the company has grown steadily in each area it operates. There is no magic formula to the company’s success, just hard work, focus and dedication to its mission. Our employees are key to our ongoing success. 


The new employees include Keefe Borden, who was hired as the company’s communications manager in charge of drafting news releases, announcements, blog posts and web content for the growing company.


Other new transitions include Emani Thomas who went from intern to full-time. Thomas was hired as a graphics designer because of her skills at vector graphics, illustrations, sketching and the development of specialized fonts. 


The company took in five new interns in a 12 week program designed to assist the company with its operations and to give students to learn, develop their talent and gain experience. The interns will assist with maintaining the front desk, greeting visitors, evaluating the convenience stores and assisting with accounting and marketing teams. 


Khawar & Sons Inc. has maintained exceptional relationships with all its business partners, lenders, customers and employees throughout the crisis. A company that has grown exponentially, K&S looks forward to even greater progress and innovation in the years to come. It remains committed to providing all its stakeholders with only the highest quality products and improving their lives in whatever way possible. Even through the crisis, we remain committed to providing quality products and services to you from a healthy and safe working environment. 


Khawar & Sons includes Zeeshon’s Mart, a chain of gas stations and convenience stores that provide brand name products, quality gas at competitive prices, friendly and professional service, and a great environment for building a community. 


Khawar & Sons, Inc. Vision Statement

To be a leading and forward looking company, committed to satisfying all stakeholders within a diversified portfolio. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and stand for as a company.