Can’t catch the game, catch the wings!

Keefe Borden | Oct, 3, 2020 | Houston, Tx


Texas Forever Express Chef starts serving 3-step process wings in various flavors


HOUSTON — Texas Forever cooks up new wings

We may have temporarily lost access to our sports, but we don’t have to give up all that went with them. Wings, in particular, are something Texans love. They allow us to celebrate camaraderie and common cause. At Texas Forever, we have a passion for wings. We cook up the best in a variety of six different combinations: teriyaki, lemon pepper, barbeque, siracha, regular and buffalo & spicy Thai. These wings are like our children; we love them all but they are each very different.  

Our lemon pepper combines fresh pepper with tangy lemon for a unique flavor. Our teriyaki chicken uses a sauce that mixes ginger, honey, soy and brown sugar for a one-of-a-kind experience. Our barbeque wings are known statewide for their combination of tang and tart. The siracha wings have a bite of their own, one which comes from chili peppers, garlic, sugar and salt. The regular wings have a traditional flavor that allows the succulent chicken to slide off the bones. The spicy Thai has a distinctive taste that come from a blind of spices including chili, ginger, basil, lemongrass and garlic.

We are certain you can find at least one of our flavors to enjoy the summer. They have sold well since we first launched them earlier this summer.  We have restricted seating capacity available at our restaurants and our takeout is always open. Home delivery through Grubhub, Ubereats and Doordash is also a great option.